Saturday, May 28, 2011

mari bermain Angry Bird!

entah nape, game ni bukan la spesis game yang biasa saye minat
minat gaming saye lebih fokus pada brutal style punya
shooting, war strategy, scary seram2 gitu
pendek kata, game yang penuh dan separa keganasan lah

entah nape, bila tengok senior2 main Angry Bird yang sangat cute ni
tetiba je rase macam "eh seronoknya nak main gak!"
game ini sememangnya cute, tapi juga menyakitkan hati

babis2 pun pandai bina bangunan, berseni juga kukuh untuk dilastik oleh burung~

kita bermain sebagai kumpulan bird2 yang sangat marah sebab babis2 tu curi telur mereka
maka bird2 yang sangat marah ni, melastik babis2 tersebut
tapi kan, babis2 nih sangat lah pandai membina macam2 kubu
sakit hati teramat bila 'cannonball' bird kita dah habis, tapi ade lagi 1 babi kecik tertinggal
asyik2 repeat sampai naik juling mata menghafal angle yang betul nak lastik babis2 tersebut

kata senior: "main angry bird ini lebih stress dari tulis thesis"

kata saye: "mula2 angry bird, tapi lama2 main jadi angry human"

saye sudah mempengaruhi kakak saye bermain angry bird nih
rumet saye juga sudah berjaya dipengaruhi hehehe

ade gak orang yang rajin buat mende alah angry bird nih~

Angry Bird has bigger influence on people than working on data analysis, writing thesis or solving formulae (Anonymous, 2011)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DREAM??make it achievable, not extreme

DREAM? everyone has it
be it ordinary or extraordinary
having dreams make u feel like living human
not having a dream makes u a walking zombie

i have big dream, but i think not really big la
i guessed my dreams were as simple as everybody's
yalur, normal and simple dream, who would call it extraordinary?

my dreams were:
*have big house (like one i built in Sims3)
*have extra certificate (master degree, PhD, blablabla...)
*gain weight to my normal BMI (ini pun ada ka?)
*errr... owning 5 cats! meowwwww
*have good reliable car (hate sending car to workshop)

actually i have many dreams, but i forgot them while writing this
anyway, having extreme dream is not a sin
but make it achievable by putting step-by-step milestones towards it
this way, u'll achieve your dream sooner without feeling like superwoman@superman!

have fun achieving your dream!


bukan entri jual diri

memang ini bukan entri jual diri
sebab saye bukanlah gadis murahan
haaaa sebab mahal giler lah saye single *puji sampai kempis hidung*

baru2 ni banyak giler undangan perkahwinan
ops! undangan majlis perkahwinan
kalu senior2 kolej ke senior skolah ke, ok la nak kawin
tapi bila dapat undangan dari rakan sebaya
terus menganga mulut luas2 *ade jaring invisible supaya lalat tak masuk*

waaaaahhhhh mudanya dia kawin!
saye pada umur 22 *tahun ni 23, masih nak mengaku muda*
masih ade feeling nak main buaian kat taman permainan
masih ade hati nak main guling2 dalam selimut dengan teddy bear *kantoiiii!*

paling tak tahan, orang yang kawin tu
penah ade gosip chenta mons dengan saye mase skolah dulu
yang paling awal kawin, adelah yang gosip paling lame dulu
yang nak kawin ni, adelah orang yang saye penah minat dulu

tetibe terpikir penuh kreatif
oh, mungkin sape yang ade gosip dengan saye
ataupun penah diminati oleh saye
akan kawin awal

sebab semuanya kebetulan
orang yang saye suka dulu
dah tunang, tunggu nak kawin je
dah kawin, ade yang tunggu nak kawin
saye je yang tak kawin lagi hahaha

sebab kehidupan single ni sangat best bagi saye

so sape nak kawin awal, silalah disukai oleh saye *takde kaitan*

kepada yang nak kawin @ tunggu nak kawin tu
saye ucapkan tahniah dan semoga bahagia ke anak cucu

*oh tetibe je ade kapel diraja ni kan kan kan*

Friday, March 4, 2011


i tried myself so hard to be positive
yet i cant be enough positively thinking, so i calibrated myself to neutral, isoelectric

why i suddenly urged to post about my post-grad life?
in fact, i didn't feel like havin life anymore.
kinda regretting? nope. if i were to rate my regret-o-meter, from 1 to 10, 
given 1 the lowest and 10 the highest
i would say my ranking now is at 4. 
a lil bit regret, but tend to survive and struggle more

now suddenly i missed my undergrad life... (errr, somehow i missed my school life also)

during my undergrad, i still have time to skip class
chit-chatting, 18h FB-ing (in weekend)
not to mention, copying and paraphrasing lab reports (method, results and discussion parts)
eating out and loitering at Sri Serdang McD (the nearest, just few minutes walk from UPM)
watching movies with my illegal DVD towkey (aka my friend lor)
planning to backstab ppl who backstab me
there were so many things i could've done with my friends
(i miss u girls!)

then the G-day came....our graduation, marked our merely 3 years of undergrad struggles (MERELY)
sad to say farewell to my fellow friends, classmates, lecturers...
although i've already planned to do post-grad studies later on
its still sad to leave the ones u usually cling on, like magnet

so here i'm now,at the same U (not same place though) studying post-grad
experimenting, typing, surfing, eating, almost everything done in the lab (include sleeping also)
almost got no life hohohoho

my regular routine: 
morning (until 9am) still sleeping
9am woke up hurriedly, rushing to bath etc
10-11am regular time i arrives in lab
11am probably still havin breakfast, or brunch (breakfast + lunch)
work work work
searching for time (i don't have watch, lazy to look at handphone also)
oh, almost 3pm , go search for lunch (perhaps lunner = lunch + dinner)
work work work
rest awhile, dinner (sometimes no)
11pm , oh need to thumb out, go back go back
12am - supper (cant sleep bcoz too hungry)
3am - why still cant sleep? eye eye pls close! (while banging my hamster's cage, telling them to stop running wheel)
and then, the cycle returns to where it begins....(oh dah pagi dah?)

here are some familiar phrases i will be hearing from now on, until i finish study ( i bet)

me: err prof, i think i need a short vacation. perhaps a few days???
SV: uh vacation? no la, i think u shud finish work 1st...this month u shud finish ur target work..after that, i'll give u some leave...or maybe i give u to LIVE in the lab?

SV: your progress is sooooo SLOW... i thought last time, 6months was already soooo LONG, but how come u did ALMOST 1 year still not finish?
me: errr, maybe it was my fault.. i think i need to improve on my techniques whatsoever....
SV ; ah yes yes yes..shud improve more...just don't break any column anymore

SV: i came this morning to the lab, and u were not around? where were u?
me: u came this morning? i was in the lab the whole morning.
SV: how come i didnt see u?
me: perhaps i am so small, u didnt noticed me near the fume hood...but i saw u talking with another student (safe answer)
SV: really? oh maybe u shud eat more..shud de-worm yourself, so skinny i think all worms eat your food not you 
me: ..........
*actually i came late that morning, when i arrived in lab, she was standing near my i just kept quiet near the fume hood until she's gone, hohohohoh)

SV: oh i was trying to find u this morning but u were not around..
me: maybe i was in toilet....(gulp)
SV: don't kidding la, aiyah i search u in the toilet also got nobody...WHERE WERE U??? (she also search me in toilet????)
me: oh, actually this morning i had my car repaired..since workshop opens at 10, err, also got traffic jam...
SV: got traffic jam in UPM?
me: erm yah, a lil bit. but i still come rite? (buat muka kesian)
SV: actually i dont mind what time u come and what time u leave, as long as u come everyday to lab...bla bla bla..(forgot)...but since ur progress now is slowing down, i think u need to come early to lab, be in the lab 24hours bla bla bla....(simplified this, i meant she said i shud come early everyday lor...) it?
me: err it got it...
*came out from the room, feeling like digging myself a graveyard...tsk.... but i think thats ok fault...
(quickly then resume to work)

me: prof, i need u to sign this. (handing the RO form)
SV: what is THIS?
me: RO?
SV: ya ya i know...let me see...column....RM2300???? so expensive! why buy this thing?
me: errrr...bcoz i was so rajin, work very hard on fractionation, almost non-stop until today i realized the column already cracked a i decided to reserved a new one....
SV: so u meant u broke the column? nevermind i'll sign it...just make sure u handle it very-very carefully
*when the column arrives, 
SV: good thing that the column has arrived, now that u will not slack off anymore (i didn't! T,T)...don't break column anymore or i'll break your neck uh (wicked face hohoho, kena ugut)
me: ............. (quickly continue to work)

ok, as i said i'm now in neutral mode, so i feel a lil bit relaxed excited after typing this..hohoh...
not saying that i'm regretting, but its more to expressing, this is the reality of post-grad life
every post-grad student must have this kind of experience hahaha
(not to mention Jorge Cham also, he can draw his post-grad life into comics!)

perhaps i can be the next writer/artist for phd.comics hahahaha..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

sila tepuk tangan!

yang baca blog nih, sila senyum dan tepuk tangan okeh?
(perasan macam la ramai gilerz follower)

kenape perlu tepuk tangan?
best sangat ke sampai nak tepuk2 tangan nih?
(sambil kepal2 penumbuk nak tumbuk muka)

takde pape pun, saje membazir masa
kot2 tepuk tangan sambil senyum ni bole buat rasa hepi
kalu tak hepi, sory la beb
i pun tak hepi tapi kita buat2 hepi (dengan harapan tetiba betul2 hepi)

saje je suruh tepuk tangan
bagi support sikit untuk si pemalas bekerja nih

harini rase sedikit bangga sebab tiba2 menjadi rajin 
setelah lebih 2 hari menjadi malas (tulis lebih 2 hari, so takde la nampak banyak sangat)

so harini saye menyuntik (betul ke eja ni? saye nak cakap inject) lebih semangat bekerja
walaupun lab harini bau sangat tak best (bese la lab mikrob, macam2 bau adaaa)
saye tetap berbangga membuat kerja
(macam online je lebih, ehhh tak....ini sebab ade mase free 1jam)

oh, hidung kembang kempes tahan nafas sambil berbangga dalam hati!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

membazir amalan setan

membazir amalan setan
haaa takkan tak tau kot?
kalu tak tau, sila ketuk kpale
hentak dahi kat meja
tonyoh dahi sampai benjol

tapi perangai setan gak kita nak ikut kan?
haaaa jangan berdalih la
saye tauuuuu
kita semua ade membuat pembaziran
sila check:

=time guna air, especially kat sink and mase shower,
   kalu gosok gigi, selagi tak sudah gosok, selagi tu la air lajuuuu je jalan
   kalu mandi, sepanjang mase la air tu jalan...korang sabun dalam air ke?

*scene biasa jumpa kat toilet hostel*

=makan/minum, konon lapar giler la, haus giler la
  beli tu bukan main banyak je, skali cepat lak kenyang
  pastu bangga je buang kan?

=duit, especially time shopping
  owh ini memang selalu and common la
  ade je barang nak beli, kalu tersuka tu ade je alasan nak beli kan?

*duit terbang dengan happy nya*

=masa, ini memang tiap2 manusia hidup buat
  kalu tak membazir mase tu, tipuuu la
  contoh: lepak time mase lapang, padahal bole je wat keje laundry ke, kemas bilik ke, study ke

pembaziran yang slalu saye buat ialah bazir duit, makan minum and masa...air tu saye berjimat sikit..
kalu pegi shopping, lubuk duit saye kena pancing ialah skin food, coffee and tea, challenger, etude house
kalu makan, saye slalu habis tapi kadang2 tak habis..
paling obvious ialah membazir masa....*sedang membuang masa la ni*

harini saye tak buat ape yang patut saye buat
patut saye buat ; laundry, kemas bilik, fotostet buku, pegi keje lab, study method experiment
tapi yang saye buat : main game, tido, main game lagi, blogging ntah pape entry mengarut, online FB, bace diary yang umurnya lebih 2 tahun huhu

saye berazam untuk tidak membazir lagi! *penuh bersemangat*

owh, saye patut jauhkan diri dari laptop kucin nih. *sigh*

Saturday, January 22, 2011

hope anda tak pengsan baca ini

ini cerita jiwang saye tahap..tahap...entah la. pandai2 la korang fikir sendiri tahap ape paling tinggi korang rase
owh saye memang tak pandai mengarang ayat2 cinta, mahupun madah2 puitis atau janji semanis madu tebu.
tapi tak tau la nape mood jiwang ni tetiba muncul. ia sungguh abnormal bagi seorang saye.
ini semua gara2 mimpi tadi. so jangan salahkan saye, salahkan mimpi saye tu.
mimpi, anda BERSALAH!

selama ini saye pendam perasaan suka saye tu. ignore feeling tersebut.pendam dalam hati.
kunci dalam kotak hati.pastu kunci tu campak jauh2 biar tak jumpa.supaya saye tak sakit hati dengan perasaan syok sendiri saye tu.

mungkin kedengaran seperti gila atau hilang akal, pelik aneh lagi impossible. orang seperti saye yang langsung tak amek kesah hal2 cintan cintun nih, rupa2 nya menyimpan perasaan cukup mendalam. sukakan seseorang begitu lama. ye, sangat lama. hampir 7 tahun. aneh kan?

saye suka orang itu. suka sangat. yeke? tak pasti la, tapi memang sangat suka. kalau saye terminat orang selain dia, itu adelah kerana insan itu ade ciri2 seperti orang yang saye suka sekian lame tu. asal macam dia je, saye suka. haha.
tak pasti la suka camne, tapi yang penting saye suka la. perlu sebab untuk suka kah? mungkin perlu, mungkin tak. itu tak penting. the only matters in heart is feeling. *macam mengarut je*

tapi setelah begitu lame memendam perasaan suka tu, rase suka tu lama2 jadi tak stabil. ia tak stabil seperti radioisotop yang half-life dia berbagai. korang check la buku physic pasal radioisotop nih. memang tak stabil. macam skyscraper atas tempat tinggi yang takde base stabilizer, pastu kena pulak gempa bumi 7.8 skala Richter. hohoho. sangat tak stabil.

mula2 suka. tetiba macam lupa lak suka tu.pastu tetiba suka balik. tetibe rase benci sebab dia tak perasan2 saye suka. takkan saye nak gedik2 mengorat dia kot? nanti macam perigi cari timba lak kan? huhuhu.
semuanya salah saye kan? sape suruh suka dengan orang yang tak suka? tak tau la dia suka ke tak, tapi rase macam tak suka kot. sape suruh saye perasan lebih. dia baik dengan saye atas dasar friendship je, ok. cukup2 la perasan tu. dia memang baik dengan semua orang. perlu ke saye perasan dia baik dengan saye?

kawan saye nasihatkan saye supaya move on. carilah kehidupan. get a life. a lovely life. bukannya saye takde orang minat saye. ramai kot. saye single tak bermakna saye takde peminat. sebenarnya ramai. ade siap waiting list lagi. saye je yang bodo. ignore mereka. sebab sebok dengan kehidupan single saye. jual mahal. sayang dengan kehidupan single saye yang tak perlu nak jaga hati partner. hoho. keji. tapi kadang2 sunyi tu ade la.ia muncul bila kawan saye cancel date dengan saye sebab boyfriend dia tetiba ajak kuar. ia muncul bila kawan saye utamakan bf mereka daripada saye. oh tak adil.
(bagi saye, janji yang dulu la diutamakan...lambat tu next time la..cis)

so saye berjanji pada diri sendiri..akan move on to the next phase. yela. umur pun dah 22..tua dah kot. orang yang saye suka tu, kalau tetiba dia suka saye, haaa padan muka. saye dah tak suka anda dah. sape suruh lambat sangat. saye ni kurang penyabar orangnya.

saye rase tak mau tunggu lama2 lagi. yang tak dapat tu, malas la nak tunggu. baik saye suka orang yang suka saye sepenuh hati. yang suka saye seadanya, takkan cuba mengubah saye mengikut kehendak dia je, takkan buli saye, takkan buat saye tertunggu2, takkan kecewakan saye, takkan abaikan saye, takkan sakitkan saye, takkan bagi saye jealous, takkan banding2kan saye. tak perlu la orang itu berkata2 penuh manis, janji2 manis, control2 macho dengan saye. cukuplah saye dapat jadi diri saye dan dia jadi diri sendiri bila same2 nanti (ehem2 jiwang)

okeh...sekali lagi. orang yang saye suka tuuu... saye nak blah dah niiii...saye harap awak tak kecil hatiiii..tapi saye tau awak memang takkan rase apepun kan?